Who We Are

Our flight school was founded by a team of friendly airmen. We are the ones who developed the project, who carry it out and breathe life into it, and who give it its character.

We, the owners and at the same time the board of GFS Global Flight School, we are all pilots. We love to fly and as many pilots we are always keen on spreading and sharing our passion with everybody.

Being friends and spending time together we carried out already a number of aviation related projects together with a lot of fun and excitement. Seeing the need for training in aviation and the level of most of the schools around, the idea rose to make our own flight school to deliver the highest possible standard.

We kept on that project and developed it from the first approach to have a small one just to share our passion and make aviators out of our friends to make it a really serious international flight school with the complete scope, having all the qualifications, experience and means to do it.

Everybody in the team loves this challenge - needing our full attention, this school offers a great opportunity at the same time.

We are delighted to invite you to be our student and profit from our professionalism, that we offer to share with you. Our target is to become one of the best flight schools worldwide.

We are the ones who developed it, who carry it out and breathe life into it, and who give it its character.

This implicates besides the highest level of education / training a regular exchange between the instructors and the students and additional guidance and support by our management and our coaches. Based on our broad personal experience this combination will lead to the best results. For our school that means we will keep it on a mid-size level, because we are convinced, that above a certain size, it is no longer possible to fulfill these high standards and as a small school we would not be able to secure the necessary high level of infrastructure. The best will stay being the best only if you keep working on it - that is exactly what we do.

We live the team spirit and let the students participate in it. We live the responsibility, we live the respectability and we live the spirit of safe aviation. We believe this will be particularly formative for our students. In the end, it is not only the results of the exams that determine the successful career, but also the so-called soft skills, in particular in the professional field of the airline pilot.

Flying is great, no question about it, but we pilots should always stay with respect - magnanimity and arrogance are not good advisers. That's why, on behalf of our company, we are down-to-earth simply a flight school and do not call ourselves academy, institute or anything else inflated.

Nowhere can you get a better education than with us!