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We take you to the skies. Train with us to become a professional pilot.

Our dedication is to provide you, female or male with no prior flying experience with the highest internationally acknowledged cockpit qualification, the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

We get you there and you won’t be disappointed. Working as a professional pilot is fun, full of excitement and challenge, intellectually versatile and really well paid.

Each flight is different. To fly is magic and comes with a lasting fascination.

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We are a modern flight school operated by a seasoned aviation team

Everyone - our owners, founders and managers and our training personnel - commands ample experience in various fields of flying. We are deriving from a commercial, military or a general aviation backgrounds and sharing one thing: Our passion keeps us going and we are keen to share it with you.

Our high-quality training guides you seamlessly into a successful professional pilot career - after all, we ourselves spent a long time in the sector and keep working there.

Train with us in Portugal - a great place to be and the best place to fly in Europe. Our outstanding weather conditions ensure a short training time - your advantage!

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We are aviation enthusiasts - we are aviation experts - we are aviation professionals. In short: we are very well-prepared to get you to rank among the best pilots in the world.

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Excellent pilots are made by an excellent school

We will train you more than the necessary skills. We not only match the high formal requirements, but also teach and live the spirit of professional aviators marked by a high sense of responsibility, great precision, team spirit, adequate decision-making capability, flexibility and outstanding levels of analytical and practical skills. By this we give you any support to build a fully rounded professional pilot’s attitude and mindset. This is not only of the highest importance for a safe operation but also a clear competitive advantage at your career start. - throughout your full career.

Being a professional pilot gives your life wings

Flying is always more than a mere routine. Piloting an aircraft goes beyond the application of aeronautical knowledge and the combination of flying procedures. Becoming a professional pilot opens and sharpens the mind, matures the character and develops a unique personality with high capabilities and skills.

A professional pilot is embedded in a unique work environment. Your job enables you to travel worldwide and as well to apply for employment internationally and receive high compensation. The highly recognized EASA ATP license is easily validated by any other aviation authority.

Our ATPL graduates form a lifelong elite community

Nothing beats real flight practice for the basic training modules. This constitutes an advantage for the transition to larger, more complex aircraft and leads a high amount of practical experience at the end of the course. Our ATPL graduates will have flown more hours on real aircraft than at most other European flight schools.

We are aware of the importance of flight safety. During the entire training it will be a subject of priority - from the daily safety briefing to the training units in a hypobaric chamber.

On top you will enjoy your last training unit before finalizing the license in an Airbus 320 full flight simulator, giving you the realistic cockpit experience you can expect at your first job with an airline.

All this will give an irreplaceable experience at the end of your course, a basis for a successful career in professional aviation.

The sky is the Limit, so go for it!

Choose the path that matches your professional goals

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