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Why us?

Because Global Flight School goal is to train the best pilots, with or without previous experience, by making them airline professionals of recognized quality. With our experience and dedication, we’ll help you achieve the highest international flight rating: Airline Pilot License (ATPL). We’ll work with you daily towards your success.

Even though it requires a great responsibility, being a professional pilot is fun, intellectually stimulating, thrilling, and well paid. Each flight is different, challenging, magical and has a long-lasting feeling.

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Who are we?

We're a modern aviation school founded by a team of pilots with a vast and solid experience in various aeronautics fields. With origins in commercial, military or even general aviation, we have something very strong in common: the passion for aviation!

It’s this fascination that guides us and drives our ongoing evolution. We would like to share all this experience and passion with you. We have an outstanding training program that has been subjected to many thorough evaluations throughout our careers, something that we constantly undergo.

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