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You want to become a professional pilot?

Even if you have never been to in a cockpit, you can do our training course to be a professional airline pilot in about 18 - 24 months. With this course you attain the Airline Transport Pilot License - ATPL.

That means that you can enter your career as a first officer with a regular airline.

With the respective amount of additional flight hours and experience, further career options will appear such as becoming an airline captain. Or you choose a different career path with cargo or executive flight operators - with medical transport, touristic, agricultural, surveillance, mapping and sensing flight providers being further options.

Of course, there are even more qualification and career opportunities available for pilots such as instructor and examiner. However this decision can be made later on.

Becoming a Professional Pilot

You have a license and want further qualification?

You prefer to fly twin engines in the future?
You want to validate or revalidate a license?
You need a rating?
You want to fly at night?
You want to become a flight instructor?

We have a wide range of training options for you!

Further Qualifications

You are searching for another aviation education?

You are searching for a non-pilot aviation career? You are passionate about aviation, but you don’t want pursue a pilot career?

We offer also non-pilot trainings and qualify you professionally.

The options you have with us are the flight dispatcher course or the cabin crew training.

Both jobs qualify you for an employment at an airline - they are exciting and offer good income and career opportunities, but are completely different at the same time.

The dispatcher is working for and with the flight crew and responsible for the entire and complex preparation and support of the flights while staying on the ground.

The cabin crew cares about the passengers comfort and safety and ensures the service on board during the flights, having a very active life with opportunities traveling the entire world.

Non Pilot Courses

Our Training Courses

All Courses Professional Pilot Continue to Qualify Different education

CR ME Class Rating Multi Engine

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IRI Instrument Rating Instrutor

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UPRT Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

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CR SE Class Rating Single Engine

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Flight Dispatcher


Modular ATPL

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CRI Class Rating Instructor

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Flight Attendant

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Night Flight

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FI Flight Instructor

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IR Instrument Rating

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Many Questions - Many Answers

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