Overall, a pilot needs good health. But you do not have to be a competitive athlete. For professional pilots, a class 1 aero-medical exam must be passed at a specially qualified medical facility authorised by any national aviation authority belonging to EASA. We can suggest one of the facilities we cooperate with. The medical checks are comprehensive, with cardiovascular and lung function analysed among other medical parameters and a blood test being conducted. Important to know: Eyeglasses are no longer a general obstacle today.

The pilot training builds on knowledge levels comparable to a high school / secondary education degree. A mental skill and psychological test as well as an interview form part of the entry exam for our courses. Additionally knowledge in mathematics, physics and English are tested, but nothing seriously challenging for anybody who passed a high school degree. Knowledge and understanding of mathematics and physics are essential for the courses as well as for the active pilot.

English is the common aviation language in the Western world. Accordingly, fluent communication in English should not be a problem. The aviation-specific English can be learned in our courses. An exam in English must be filed with the authority for the license later.

The minimum age to obtain the pilot license is set at 18 years by law. At the beginning of the course, in our school you must be at least 18 years old.