A career for the future!

A wise investment for the future, with sights set on a highly prestigious career, with massive chances of employment and financial rewards!

The commercial pilot course at GFS still has some vacancies left and was developed by experienced, top professionals. It also highlights never-before-seen features in the teaching field of aviation in Portugal!


- 964 hours of theoretical training;
- 210 hours of Real Flight (unlike most courses in Portugal, this component does not use a simulator);
- Multi-Crew Cooperation performed on an Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator;
- Hypobaric Chamber;
- UPRT - Upset Prevention and Recovery Training;
- Monitoring and training tailored to each trainee’s profile and needs;
- Experienced and Preeminent Instructors in Portugal (with more than 5000 successful trainees);
- Fully-financeable course (up to 10% of which, can be provided by GFS).

An Elite course that provides complete training for a successful career in aviation!

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