28 Apr 2020

Practical training for the Airline Pilot Course begins this July. Spots available for ATO transfers!

At GFS, we never stop building for the future and our students continue to undergo their ATPL course training, but now online. Thus they will be ready to start on the practical component as early as this July.

If you are also eligible to progress to real flight training, waste no further time and join us! Start your ATO transfer process now and learn from an experienced team that is used to training the best drivers!


  • 210 hours of Real Flight (unlike most courses in Portugal, this component does not use a simulator);
  • Multi-Crew Cooperation performed on an Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator;
  • Hypobaric Chamber;
  • UPRT - Upset Prevention and Recovery Training;
  • Monitoring and training tailored to each trainee’s profile and needs;
  • Experienced and Preeminent Instructors in Portugal (with more than 5000 successful trainees);
  • Financeable course — please get in touch with our Commercial team for further details.

Come fly with us! The sky's the limit!

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